The Urgency of my Love

I love you.
No, like, I love you love you.
I love the sweet feeling of how your finger tips glide down the side of my neck while you kiss along my ear.
I love the way you hate when I tickle you but you let me, just until your manhood takes control. Geesh, you can never just let me win.
I love the way you lick the tip of my nose when I’m just waking and laugh when I swat you away.
I love the way my little one looks to you for not only giggles but comfort,
The way she perches on your legs to watch her favorite toon,
And he ow excited she becomes when you come to the door.
I love the way if hurts to love you all the while knowing that you aren’t going anywhere.


And when I say the sigh of relief I take in at the sight of you, on one of my bad days, is more like a category 5 storm with unfailing winds.
Because finally,
I can breathe.
I love you, like when you finally see your county welcome home sign after a long unwanted road trip.
I love you like that one song you heard that one time.
It’s always in your head but you can’t put your finger on the lyrics but it feels like home.
I love you and I felt the need to explain the urgency of the way I love you because today won’t be here tomorrow, but my love will
And even when I’m withered and old, my looks are gone and I no longer have the fiery tongue that holds my quirky remarks.
The flame I have will fuel the ever flying embers of the love that fueled the life I built.
I want to perch myself on my porch after all my yesterday’s are passed while I only have a few more tomorrow’s, to look to my side and know that I still feel the same way I felt before even you knew I loved you.
I want our children’s children to understand what love is simply by glancing on our photos left behind
Because damn I loved you and they can see it in those pictures where I have that longing look on my face though your standing right next to me.
I want amazing love, astounding love, can’t get enough love.
Urgent love.
Now love.

21 Days to Resolve

For some odd reason I decided Hey Ashley! Let’s not have 1 resolution for 2014, let’s go big and have 12… Okay, I know what you’re thinking. I’m a mind reader so of course I would know what you’re thinking! So what, I don’t know what you’re thinking and I’m not a mind reader… Sadly!
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Forgetful Lessons

And to you, I remember the shallow times when we would sit in the meadow and talk for hours. About nonsense really, but who did it matter to? I was with you, and to speak quite frankly, it was ought to you. The only reason I really ever told the truth. Simple. I wanted to be near you.

           – Within the Woods 


Now that I’m an adult, I notice how easy it is to live and learn, where many of us seem to watch and forget. I wanted to take the time to do a series while the year was still new. To create something as a learning tool for myself, to live and learn. I feel as I grow to a whole new woman every day that the individuals I accept in my life are not only friends, but learning tools, they are creating who I want to be. Continue reading