Pasta and cake and all things great!

Did the title throw you off? 

No… Well it through me all the way off. I said when I started this weight loss I would be honest with you but most importantly, I’d be honest with myself. Last week was filled with tons of pasta. Last week was a “empty pockets” week were when you go to the grocery store you know you can only afford pasta and $1 pasta sauce. *insert a ‘it is what it is shrug’ here* 

Though I did eat plenty of things on the no no lost… Except cake. I still want a piece of freaking cake for God’s sake. I ate everything I shouldn’t have and I was extremely hard on myself for it. Not only was I hard on myself but I hadn’t been to see my trainer in a week. 

 *dramatic gasp* 

Yes, yes, I know! How dare I? There were previous plans that were made, he was feeling under the weather, and frankly the car was screeching its way to the mechanic. So. There’s that. Now, here is where it gets tough. After being hard on myself for the things I ate but I just knew I was going to gain all my weight back. Not only did I not gain anything, but I lost 14lbs. Any other day I would have been excited but at that moment I felt guilty. Guilty for losing weight when I had eaten so bad and not really worked out in almost a week. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely thrilled with losing weight but I felt I didn’t deserve the scale change. I refuse to allow last week to dictate my new week or my new feelings because I have a job to do. So far it seems that I have lost roughly 39lbs since beginning with EpocFit and I plan on losing even more. I don’t know about you but seeing 354 on a scale is liberating. I’m 11 lbs away from my first goal and then I will treat myself (with a non food item)  and my next goal is to be under 300 even if it is just 1 single pound below it. I’m going to trust in my trainer to assist me in getting me fit but I’m also going to trust in myself. 
If I don’t trust in myself then why even bother doing this at all? And you know what? I refuse not to trust in my abilities to excel and reach my goals. 

Speak on it

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