FAT means LAZY

If you don’t know, now you know baby!

Wait!! You didn’t know? How could you NOT know with as many times its thrown in your face. It is engrained in our mind at a young age that:

Fat is ugly. 

Fat is lazy. 

Fat is dirty. 

Fat is…… 

Today, I was notified of a new comment on a friend’s status by someone else who commented after me. Now I don’t know these people, I do not speak for these people, and I try to not down those on their opinion or lack there of. But what did scream out to me was fat and lazy and then again fat and lazy used as a joke/insult. I didn’t take this as a personal insult but I find it funny that fat and lazy always must be used a joke.
 “OH it’s funny cause your fat! Kinda thing.”
Whether you are happy in your fat or fit or somewhere in between body please remember that you are beautiful in the very body that you are in right now. Whatever the status of your body you are beautiful!! I’m told on a daily basis that: I’m not fat, I’m beautiful. But here is the thing, I am fat! Also, just in case you didn’t know I am also beautiful. Lately, I have been on a journey within myself. Falling back in love with myself and removing those around me that may not be for me. I have been ridding myself of those negative comments I make to myself. It’s as though I am having an internal argument. I assure you, I am not crazy… I think. On the bright side, I have found that I’ve become hardened to myself. Now, im finding I need to break that wall down and breathe. 
Times in your life you may feel like a busted can of biscuits. I’ll wait, I know you’re picturing it. I know I feel that way at times. I don’t feel beautiful, I don’t feel pretty, or sexy, or lovely, or any of those sweet words you whisper to yourself after you get ready for a night house. But here is MY secret! I may not feel those ways all the time but I KNOW that I am. That’s the difference. Let me say that you again! I may not feel pretty, but I KNOW that I am. I know it. I also know that when I’m snotty nosed and bundled under blankets like the sausage that I am… I AM NOT PRETTY!! Ha! But under the wall of Kleenex I am a beautiful woman!
Find your beauty, embrace it, make your beauty your best damn friend!! Tell that bitch, WE GOT THIS! Too much!? *shrugs* 

The point is be your own best friend. I’ve never in my life ever told my best friend that she’s ugly. Don’t believe me? Ask her. My lovey will tell you that even on her worst days she is beautiful to me. So make yourself your own best friend, tell yourself you are beautiful…. Kleenex wall and all.

Please excuse any typos but I had to get this out via cell post. 

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