If it was a snickers bar…

So here’s the thing… I AM THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE. So stop telling me I’m not! Anyone who knows me knows that I am an unapologetic fat girl who speaks her mind whether or not you’re going to like it.  I know people may say this as encouragement or a pick me up but it’s not really. Not that I’m not appreciative for what you’re trying to say but the fact remains… I am that number.  Continue reading

One little sentence

“Is you the daddy or the step daddy?”

Good question… Wish I had answer because I don’t know. Many blogs revolve around one subject and though I’d like to mostly do that, I also realize that I have a real life outside of Glasses and Curves(G&C). Well, that’s what makes G&C what it is, my life, this is very much a life blog. Saying this, I’m a single mother in every sense of the term. My child’s father is not involved at all and I’m happy with it that way, I’m a single mother by choice. Meaning, I choose to be what I am because it is better this way.
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