Pasta and cake and all things great!

Did the title throw you off? 

No… Well it through me all the way off. I said when I started this weight loss I would be honest with you but most importantly, I’d be honest with myself. Last week was filled with tons of pasta. Last week was a “empty pockets” week were when you go to the grocery store you know you can only afford pasta and $1 pasta sauce. *insert a ‘it is what it is shrug’ here*  Continue reading

If it was a snickers bar…

So here’s the thing… I AM THE NUMBER ON THE SCALE. So stop telling me I’m not! Anyone who knows me knows that I am an unapologetic fat girl who speaks her mind whether or not you’re going to like it.  I know people may say this as encouragement or a pick me up but it’s not really. Not that I’m not appreciative for what you’re trying to say but the fact remains… I am that number.  Continue reading

Bunny Snuggles


The “weight” is over… Or should I say, the weight is in?

Tonight was my second training session with Jeremy at EpocFit and boy let me tell you… he kicked mine and DH behinds tonight. It was much harder today than it was on Monday. My whole body is sore and I hear from the health nuts that that is an amazing feeling. Well, I’m here to tell you Continue reading